Demo Program Overview

Faraday provides:

  • Display of participating retailers as "Official Demo Provider" on
  • Free Demo program POP 
  • Free T-Shirt sent to each demo rider
  • Use of Faraday's demo signup and credit card authorization form

Program Terms:

1. Net 180 pending credit approval on demo bikes + free shipping (contact us for pricing)

2. Dealers commit to having at least 2 demo bikes at all times and can demo/sell up to 8 bikes annually

3. Dealers will charge no more than $49/day for a max of 3 days

4. Dealers must apply $49/day demo fee towards the purchase of a Faraday bike. Applying demo fee towards a purchase must be done by customer within 30 days from the end of the demo. Applying demo fee is only available in-store and not valid at

5. Dealer agrees to display free Faraday Demo POP

6. Demo bike purchase may not be combined with other bike purchase for shipping discount

7. Demo bikes must be sold/turned within 12 months of purchase (ie must be current year)

8. Dealer is solely responsible for providing accessories (helmet, bike lock, etc.)

9. Dealer is solely responsible for demo bike loss and any necessary insurance coverage

10. Demo bikes can’t be sold until after 180 days